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Follow the HEALTHROUTES motto:
"Making Health a Priority"

Mobile Services conveniently travel to you!

You do not have to go it alone. My name is Sandy Rosenbluth,
I am here to give you the knowledge, skills and support you need so you can continue to improve your health and happiness. 

Our motto is "Making Health a Priority"
Learning how to find a good balance is essential, and being sure we put health as #1 in all areas is the key to having a quality long lasting life...

What is increased health and happiness to you? Is it to reduce your stress, improve your immune system, relieve your aches and pains, lower your blood pressure and LDL cholesterol, reduce your risk of diabetes, cancer and other health issues? Is it to be better in a particular sport or your day to day normal physical activities? Do you want to have a better night sleep? Is it to create increased strength, stamina, flexibility and balance to keep up with your loved ones, or just all of life's challenges and opportunities? Do you want to elevate your mood? How about shedding your unwanted fat as well as gaining just the right muscle development and definition to suit your desired look?...The bottom line is we all want to be healthy, feel fantastic, be comfortable in how we look and confident in the way we carry ourselves. Plus we would like to find the best and quickest way to do it. You have come to the right website. There are even great prices offered for the thorough guidance you will receive. We can keep making health a priority and have fun in the process...

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 I will only take a limited amount of clients weekly, 
so we can dedicate even more energy to your success!

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It is important to have a Healthy Foundation
Exercise + Nutrition + Relaxation + A Healthy Attitude!

HEALTHROUTES helps provide this with the following :
In-Home Massage Therapy...
I am bringing to the table over 37 years of experience!
Along with receiving skilled expertise, In-Home Sessions are both comfortable and convenient. Save on introductory packages after try first session, which can then be included in package - Find out the details...
Clients not only enjoy the deep yet sensitive bodywork they receive, but love how they really get results which improve their quality of life!
(At this time I still require all massage clients to wear masks, as do I, in order to help us all stay safe and healthy.)

Mobile Personal Training - Partner Training Specialty...
Solo or Partner Personal Training (same price)

In-Home or Office and Outside - serving Burlingame and beyond...
Expertise in Partner Training -
Giving personal attention to both partners with effective results yet less cost per individual - and the partner is added for Free! or Shares Cost!

Plus 2 or 3 FREE Hours - consult and sample training as well as up to an extra hour added for assessments before + after can be yours-
Find out the details... 
Make the decision to begin and I will help you reach your goals as well as train you how to have a balanced healthy lifestyle which can keep you on a successful path for a lifetime!   
Mobile Private Small Group Personal Training...
"Better Butts & Bellies" - Total Body Workout

Private Friend + Family Group Training for 4-6 conveniently brought to you 
"Better Butts and Bellies" = Full Body Training with an emphasis on our core - using high intensity interval resistance training modified to each trainee's ability as he or she progresses. We use both bodyweight and various equipment - similar to Partner Personal Training. Private Small groups have the same opportunity to have 2-3 extra hours FREE!  Be ready to lose the fat and gain lean defined muscle with group motivation!

Nutrition + Weight Management... 
included with any personal training sessions above -
a successful balanced approach to help you achieve
and maintain a healthy body composition.

Mobile Small Group Class Training...
Interval Resistance Training

If you have a fitness room or public space in your Apartment-Condo Complex we can inquire about having a small group Interval Training for the residents... A series of great workouts!...Or  R&B/Hip-Hop Dance Fitness  
Burlingame Recreation Center Group Classes... 
Fat-Blast &Strength Training -18+ (summer 13+) 
Hip-Hop Dance Fitness for 40 Plus (summer 13+)  
Sandy's Youth Hip-Hop Dance Fitness - ages 6-12
Go to Class Series I am now offering in Burlingame 
on my website for more info.

Redwood City Recreation Center Classes...
Small Group Personal Training - 18+ (summer 13+)
Hip-Hop Dance Fitness for 40 Plus (summer 13+)

Sandy's Hip-Hop Dance Fitness - ages 6-12
Go to link for New Class Series offering in Redwood City 
on my website for more info.

Workplace Health and Fitness Programs...
"GO FOR IT" Bootcamp

Find out how it works... 
Both employees + employers benefit! - Private "GO FOR IT" Bootcamp   

Party or Events... (With room for spreading out and good ventilation and masks)...
"Hot-yet-Cool" Dancing

Given for up to 75 minutes on one day for 8 people to as many as can fit on the open floor with over 24 Free!  You will learn fun dance moves of solo Salsa and/or R&B-Hip Hop. They can be fitness oriented and/or learn how to tone them down to use on the dance floor. When your guests are enjoying these moves in the future they will be reminded of your special occasion. 

Quality yet discounted, and most sold only by health practitioners- consults available to better suit your needs-
find the right supplements for you. Certain areas of our nutrition can use a little additional help to boost our health.

Every individual is different, and your health program needs to be designed special for you
whether you choose one service or all. I am skilled, certified, and dedicated to helping you transform into a more healthy and fit you. Our bodies depend on us. Our positive mind-body connection is of extreme importance. The time is now to start letting go of negative habits
and experience a heightened sense of well being! 


 **FOLLOW YOUR HEALTHROUTES...GO FOR IT!                                                                                        
We are beautiful, powerful, flexible, unique and yes awesome.  We deserve to keep Making Health a Priority so we can keep shining...


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