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Follow your HEALTHROUTES...
           Making Health a Priority!

Prevention is still the best medicine! 
We buy insurance in case we get sick, but investing in our health is more rewarding...  When it comes to your health quality of service is the most important. Being healthy allows you to go for what makes you happy, and the better you feel the more you are able to take care of yourself and your loved ones. You have come to the right place.
Healthroutes offers both great pricing and skilled quality service.
HEALTHROUTES is both dedicated and passionate about achieving healthy results. Investing in your
health is definately one smart investment.




I am now bringing my expertise to the comfort of your home.
(greater than 16 miles/25 minutes travel may require added travel fee)  
I offer a combination of Swedish, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Polarity, and Deep Tissue modalities, plus aromatherapy and helpful visualizations. I integrate the different techniques to skillfully customize each massage session to address your particular issues at the time, as well as your overall need for a balanced healthy relaxation. I am California state certified to practice massage, and am a long time member of the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals. Both require appropriate training and the highest standard of ethics. You can be sure you are in trusted hands. 

90 minute sessions brought to your home -
for only $155 base price
or even $150 with Cash Discount)...
Plus there is a sliding scale add on of
10.00 - 30.00 
(instead of "tip")
for your choice of the  Final Total...
Experienced + Skilled Deep Tissue included in price! ...  
as well as traveling to you. This is a great deal!

Over 34 years I have been helping clients learn how to release into the deep work and enjoy my therapeutic massages. I am highly experienced, capable of feeling where problems are, and have been very successful in helping my clients alleviate them. The best is when I can help you to excel in prevention, both by working with the body directly, and helping you develop your mind-body awareness. You will learn how to facilitate the release of a tense muscle's holding pattern, and in turn experience a deeper sense of relaxation.Your improvements can therefore be longer lasting. All modesty put aside I offer a great bargain for a full 90 minutes of my detailed bodywork, with time before to update how your body is feeling, and after you are already home so you can remain relaxed. I am making it available to you at this price because I want to give you the opportunity to experience the quality of massage therapy you deserve. We must all learn to relax our minds and bodies as well as strengthen our muscles and connective tissue to correct imbalances and

 Introductory specials with a choice of $20 or $50 package savings! 
Can decide right after your first session single or 2-pack or 3-pack.
With the 2 or 3 they need to be used within 2 weeks max of the one prior.

Your 1st session will include an additional 20 minutes intake to better suit your needs.

GIFT CERTIFICATES are available to spread the Health...
Great present for either single or group purchase for that special someone :-) 

Each Referral earns you an additional $20 discount!
Plus appreciation from myself and your referral who finds what they need.

The only way to understand how amazing your body and spirit can feel with a session from HEALTHROUTES is to experience the transformation for yourself.
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Mobile Health & Fitness Personal Training:
I am a Skilled and Certified Fitness Trainer - graduate of International Sports Sciences Association - and am CPR/AED certified for your added safety. I am passionate about what I do. I want to help you become healthier and fit, with the energy to enjoy a quality of life you deserve.

Partner Training Specialty
Some of the main reasons people complain about missing workouts are time constraints, lack of convenience and self motivation. HEALTHROUTES conveniently travels to your home/office/outside to make it easier for you to succeed.
It doesn't matter if you are a seasoned athlete, a newbie to exercise or anything in between. Everyone starts at a
different base level, with different goals, and different reactions to nutrition and training.
That is why I design your program to fit your personal lifestyle, goals and preferences, while continually tweaking our plan along the way to keep it working for your particular needs. Perhaps you have tried before to no avail, or did not learn how to maintain it. This time you will not be alone. You decide to go for it, be dedicated to the process, and you
will have my skilled guidance every step of the way. It is time for you to be a winner!

We combine nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle improvements into a balanced approach in order to keep the motivation high and the results great. With good form and safety always paramount, we use various creative and effective exercises which are both challenging and fun. We also work efficiently by using supersets, high intensity interval training circuits, interval cardio, full body functional moves, and other techniques to make the most of our training time. I bring a variety of equipment to you, such as medicine balls, stability balls, Bosu ball, resistance bands which can challenge you up to 200 pounds, dumbbells, kettle bells, agility ladders, battling rope and even more. Plus we learn how much we can do with just our bodyweight. Our nutrition will be a balanced zigzag way of eating to avoid hitting a plateau. We also look at the psychology of eating to create new healthy lasting habits. When you know how much you are able to keep accomplishing you will feel your confidence build. When you see the measurable results through our assessments (plus the mirror and your clothes), your determination will soar. You will  then become even more successful, and feel great satisfaction as you continue achieving your desired goals. First you need to 
Go for it!    

Various packages to choose from - Beginning Partner Personal Training package prices range from $41 to $48 each for one Full Hour.  (Solo is 82-96 since the partner is added for FREE). They are even less per session when you add the freebies...With Freebies added it is only approximately $35-38 each trainee per hour for the first package!!! (Plus be sure to check out 4-6 small group training below for even lower prices.)
The cost you pay per personal training session depends on length of package purchased. Beginning packages are choice of 6-12-24 sessions. There is also a cash discount versus use of credit card. Same price whether you choose to train 2x or 3x weekly unless you choose auto monthly payments (3x) as an option for the 24 session package which is used 2x weekly only- though you may purchase additional during the package as need.  Plus there are fantastic  added savings for referring your friends and family - both adults and teens welcome

Start with a Consult and a Sample Workout for only $10 per person... then purchase your first package right after and your $10 is refunded... = FREE Hour Training!
At the consult make the decision to go for it, buy your best package fit to begin your transformation and you can then receive another FREE Hour added for assessments.....and 3rd hour if you buy a 24-pack (since re-assessments every 24 minimal regardless of pkg. sizes)..... That can be 2-3 FREE HOURS Total!
Plus there will be periodic e-mails between sessions to help keep you focused and accountable.  
And that is just the beginning...
More important than good prices and freebies is that you will have a dedicated, skilled,and passionate trainer.
I will use effective, creative, fun, and challenging training to motivate you and get results.
I will be sure your form is excellent so you get the most from every rep you perform. I will be on time so we will not miss one moment of your special training...
You will learn to workout and eat smart so you can keep achieving your goals...  

Our training is for those serious to succeed!    


When over $10 each item can receive 5-20% regular savings off of suggested retail!
These items have been tested for quality and accuracy, and many brands are sold only by health practitioners.   

Consults are given to find what best suits your changing needs, but it is suggested you discuss any items prior to use with your doctor, particularly if you are on medication or have a particular condition.
I make my purchases in small amounts to keep them fresh, and though my favorite researched items
are supplied regularly other items may be specially ordered.

 Group Fitness: 

Invite your friends and family to enjoy these 60 minute sessions together. Proper form is emphasized for both your safety and effectiveness.
Small Group Training spaces are limited from 4 to 6 trainees in order to provide a great amount of personal attention. Small group training is not a "class" where you just follow. They are personalized fitness training sessions where your form will be corrected as need and your program will be tailored to achieving your goals. It is personal training with group motivation at a reduced individual cost, and challenging effective transformations.
Larger Group series are possible for new Burlingame Recreation Center sessions which can vary in size but up to 16 max, so still get personal attention as need. Our Workplaces Health and Fitness Programs are as many as desire depending on space provided, or in warmer weather a Boot Camp outside for charity and added fun.
Even in larger groups I make it my mission to circle around to check form and motivate you to succeed... Many avenues to fit your style of training with positive results!

Private Small Group Personal Training:
"Better Butts & Bellies
- Full Body Training
(assessments and nutrition included)
Bodyweight, Balls, Bands - portable versatile equipment can use anywhere.  
PLUS Dumbbells and more... We will do various powerful interval circuits.
Added resistance and this type of full body functional exercise 
style we use really works for fast results!

Modifications are given for various fitness levels,
but you will also
discover your hidden power and energy!  

Each training session is different, exciting and a great workout!
Soon you will feel the difference...continue and you will see it!

Try your 1st group session for only $10 each and pay for the series directly after to have the  
$10 Refunded = FREE!
 Plus extra time for measurements - making it up to 2 hours Free...

Prices range from $18 to $35 each depending on length of package, whether your group has 4, 5 or 6 trainees, and whether you train with me 2 days per week, or 3x weekly for 
even faster results! All we need is room to raise your arms above your head and an amount of space equal to laying down for each. With very little space we can make it happen...

Lose your unwanted fat and gain lean defined muscles right in your home and/or backyard, or at a nearby outside location! 

Varied weekday times available:
3 weeks "Better Butts & Bellies" intro. series -
1x max., then 6 weeks minimal   
2x weekly = when choose half price of 6 weeks 2x weekly below = 6 sessions
OR can choose half price of 6 weeks 3x weekly below = 9 sessions 

6 weeks Fat Blasting series 
2x weekly... 12 sessions
3x weekly... 18 sessions 

12 weeks Go for it Makeover
2x weekly... 24 sessions 
3x weekly... 36 sessions
(Auto monthly payments is also an option for the 36 session package)

PLUS BEGINNING September 2019 -
BUT REGISTRATION will open in August! 
At the Burlingame Recreation Center

(Note that the $12 registration fee is included in the prices below)
Small Group Personal Training
offered for 75 minutes at the Burlingame Rec. Ctr.
Tuesdays/Thursdays - 9am till 10:15am begins 9/5/19
for 10 sessions 

(Burlingame Resident-$250 + Non resident-$298)
Challenging Training geared to achieving your goals with small group allowing for personal attention. Therefore up to 6 trainees max. Modifications given to different fitness levels as you progress. We use bodyweight exercises along with a variety of equipment - balls, bands, steps, dumbbells, kettle bells, agility ladders, ropes etc. You can do it, and I will help you make it happen... 
Blast the fat and increase the stamina, strength and lean muscle while gaining confidence. This allows you to come to me instead, and at a good rate. If you get yourself and friends/family signed up quickly it can even be a private group. Check it out...
"GO FOR IT" Bootcamp
and is offered for 60 minutes at the Burlingame Rec. Ctr.
Mondays - 5:45pm till 6:45pm begins 9/9/19 for 13 sessions 

  (Burlingame Resident-$185 + Non resident-$220)
5 session punch card also available - Resident-$96
10 session punch card also available - Resident-$155
 High intensity interval training circuits using mainly our bodyweight plus bands and medicine balls so you can learn to use easily portable equipment so you can exercise anywhere -  modifications given for different fitness levels easier or harder as you improve...Go for it!!!
PLUS also offering- following the Bootcamp:
 Hot yet Cool Dancing 
Dance routines in a 45 minutes at the Burlingame Rec. Ctr. -
Add "flavor" to your life with solo Salsa and R&B/Hip Hop routines.
Will also learn to isolate various body movements and coordinate together.
You will do as larger movements for fitness and smaller movements for the dance floor. 
 Continue exercising while learning new dance moves.....We will also do some intervals to heat up, but with a dancing twist... 
Also may add the Hot yet Cool routines to the warm-ups in your private partner or small group training if choose.
Mondays - 7pm- 7:45 begins 9/9/19 for 10 sessions 
  (Burlingame Resident-$112 + Non resident-$132)
Improve your fitness and rhythm while having fun!

Workplace Health & Fitness Program
(larger groups): 
Conveniently travel to you for Private...
"GO FOR IT" Bootcamp!

Program will benefit both the employees and the company- encourage team work, accountability, more energy, plus a healthier body and attitude. This is a must for any business. We will also learn ways to incorporate a healthy and balanced lifestyle into our daily living and have a program which can change lives and productivity.
In our Health and Fitness Program we learn to reach for more than each of us realizes we are capable of, and then when you continue to improve and achieve your goals in our training it has been shown to spread to all areas of our lives. Achieving positive results both working solo and as a group builds the desire and confidence to be a success. The pride in our success makes us strive for more success, and this is action both individuals and business teams need. Let’s make it happen!  Call for pricing and details...

Party or Special Event (small or larger groups):
Enjoy just the
"Hot yet CoolSalsa and/or R&B-Hip Hop Dance moves and routines to add to your party fun!
8 people to unlimited that attend your event as long as open space room for them - any over 24 are FREE!
Call for pricing and details... 

They will use these dance moves in the future and they will remember!

There are specials for every service above, and more are offered at certain holidays so
be sure to sign up to receive my e-mails in the contact category.

Plus extra deals are given to existing clients, especially on their birthday- keep those healthy years coming! 
More importantly I am dedicated and passionate about helping you reach your health goals.  
Follow your HEALTHROUTES by contacting Sandy by phone at
or SANDY@HEALTHROUTES.NET or go to the * CONTACT * page to get started NOW!  



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